Maricopa Sandlot is an Up & Coming Girls Fastpitch Softball Organization based out of Maricopa, AZ. We are currently fielding 12U & 14U teams, and are currently holdiong Tryouts for the creation of our 10U & 16U Levels!

     We are not your typical Club Team! We started with 12 girls who wanted to play more competitive ball, and a few parents who were willing to put in the time and effort. We put together a team to give them that opportunity. After completing a successful season, word got around about this Maricopa Sandlot Team. Interest grew quickly and within a few weeks we had enough quality players to field a full 12U Team, as well as a NEW 14U Team! Now here we are, finishing up year 2, in the process of adding a 10U level, along with a 16U level as well. With this young core group of players, we anticipate great things over the next few years!

     As we continue to grow and compete, we are looking for young ladies who want to have fun playing ball, while understanding that hard work, self-discipline, direction, and being a good teammate are as much life lessons as they are softball! We want the girls to have fun while learning the game, putting in the work it takes to improve, and developing lasting friendships and a strong work ethic!

Schedule of Events

• April 1 - Dodgers vs. Tigers

• April 5 - Dbacks at Dodgers

• April 13 - Giants at Dodgers

• April 15 - Dodgers vs. Braves

• April 18 - Dodgers vs. Dodgers

• April 24 - Tigers at Dodgers

• April 30 - Braves vs. Dodgers

• May 3 - Yankees vs. Dodgers

• May 6 - Pink Sox vs. Dodgers

• May 10 - Dodgers at Yankees

• May 14 - Dodgers at Pink Sox

• May 20 - All-Star Game

• May 24 - League Series

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